Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bringing strength and peace to souls..

My mother says I was a three months' old infant when I was taken to the cinema by family for watching hindi movie "Guddi" in 1972. I have no remembrance of such incident ever happening in my life for simple obvious reasons, still such statement has succeeded in creating a sort of mental  soulful connection with the movie. I was even called myself 'Guddi' in my childhood years by my grandparents. :)  As a toddler I used to run to hear this song whenever it was played on the "Geet mala" programme of the"Vividh-Bharti" radio-station. Such a charisma exists till date. Although this song has been sung by most of us in Indian schools for years as morning prayer song, at this juncture of my life it holds a deeper meaning and is very close to my heart. In the above video, you may find that though I have no perfect voice, I have dared to share this video lest no wish of mine is left unfulfilled before I leave this huge stage created by the Divine; hoping that even an insignificant drop of effort be there for me to see from above the skies. ;)

May God bless all souls..
Bye for now.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Is really all well?

Hello fellow-bloggers, friends who read as well as new visitors to this blog,

It's the end of year giving me some lost chance to post at least a single post before 2014 is no more and 2015 appears in full bloom.

Whether to regret or not the lost time, skipping such vicious cycle of emotions, I'm determined to come back to post..

It has been a year of joining the same work place after leaving it for almost an year..It was a matter of rejoice to be accepted and welcomed back by my colleagues whom I had started quoting as the 'ex-ones'; being back to the basic routine of job and home, with hubby and kids minus the internet and a bit of whats-app!

And I was happy in my comfort -zone with absolutely no plans for myself..having ample time doing deliberately nothing important..just letting the days pass by, lazily.

One thing was certain, I didn't allow myself to think, too afraid to trust what was happening in my mind..Let myself to explore instead the truth even if I didn't find, at least now at solace that I tried!

Sometimes we accept the things as they are seen through our eyes, afraid to go beyond..if we share our half truths or our own conclusions, though people may not interrupt or ask you to reconsider your thinking or help you out, at the back of mind you are never at ease..So, what to do?

Your so-called friends betray you, leave you bruised, hurt, guilty of your shortcomings..Through all this chaos, one thing I've learnt, life-paths are tortuous never straight, some have to carve their own tracks to keep themselves sane amidst great turmoil though apparently 'all is well'.

How could I complete this post without mentioning our Prime Minister Narendra Modi's effect on my life? He has been the event of events this year, an accomplishment of the people's verdict of 2014 elections! Like an interested spectator of all the events; right from the dramatic election campaigns, his coming to the post, his unique cabinet, his foreign visits, life style, he has rightly held himself as an inspiring living hero..He has become the role model to be quoted in front of my kids and their peer group when they fail to throw bits of paper in the dust-bin..Even the number of my colleagues has increased who keep their own duster in use not relying on the class four employee for cleaning their desks!

What more to ask for in times when everyone is losing their own grounds, someone at the highest governance is giving his own example of humility and power at the same time in true sense.

Ripples of the government play are on..vibes of strictness  reaching far and wide; the government office goers trying to be more disciplined, more honest, more hard working than what they were used to...Keep it up! People like me will not hesitate to follow your genuine guidelines and admire you for your daring decisions for the betterment of our country on the whole in times to come. 

Happy New Year !!!

Mr Modi, holding a Vision of Peace, Power and Justice

Sunday, November 10, 2013

When all goes wrong..

What is life? What exactly we expect from life?
Days spent doing tasks required daily,... going to job, spending time with children, spouse, relatives, friends..
If revolving around these, means normal.
If lack something somewhere, just ignore (will have to)..remind yourself, go with the flow, without comparisons needed.
If find yourself stuck somewhere, take it easy, it's  for granted that you are at one else is, because you cannot change anyone else, only but you.
Just any other usual morning, as if meditating with a broom  while clearing away  leaves fallen off the pavements across the lawn, deliberately not complaining whether this task belonged to the hired gardener or the helper who have limited their work strictly to lines laid by themselves, thanking heavens to give me enough strength to finish more tasks coming that day or those still to come..
Yes, forgiving and forgetting with multiple gestures of kindness towards people around you without expecting anything in return..
Walking on a tight rope where every step is slippery yet to balance better than before..lest you lose, you lose everything that day and many more till further emergency attempts are made to keep situations under control.
Life's like that..things to be done..never meaning to each day..Keep doing..never give up!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Janmashtami..

A picture speaks more than thousand words..

A hectic day, still worth it..

Getting ready...
Ready for getting into 'palna'...


A Very Happy Janmashtami to Bloggers n' Readers..

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Janmashtami: Watercolor Paintings

'Janma' or the birth of hindu diety, Lord Krishna happens to be tomorrow, and I am feeling happy as well as grateful as am able to dedicate my paintings on this occassion. I had enough energy and ample amount of time to complete these projects, favored by luck to complete them on an appropriate time matched for such an auspicious occasion. 
Cannot wait more for coming tomorrow...
Bye for now..